Who we are

Who we are

We are a team of world-class entrepreneurs, services technologists & health care experts working together to connect Africa to the Global Health Care standards whilst rewarding our stakeholders.

We have developed a technology ecosystem consisting of Web Portal, Mobile App and USSD shortcode to enable HMOs monitor Providers and Policy holders across touchpoints in the Healthcare value chain.

HMOs (Health Insurers)

Birds eye view of Care details across hospitals (Drugs administered, Amount invoiced etc).
Analytics & Reporting
Significant reduction in over invoicing as Policy Holders must electronically validate & approve Care Costs.

Care Providers (Hospitals)

Seamless validation for Policy Details.
Cloud Storage for Health Records.
Stress free reconciliation of Care Costs between Hospitals & HMOs

Enrollment Agents

Mobile App for instant enrollment including image capture
POS devices for capturing payments